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The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) is a Pan-European grouping of the National Societies of Financial Analysts, bringing together leading experts from all of Europe's Equity and Fixed Income markets.

The two executive bodies of EFFAS are the General Meeting of members and the Executive Management Committee (EMC).

The General Meeting is composed of the authorised representatives of the National Member Societies. The EMC is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association, as well as supporting the chairman in his daily work.

The EMC consists of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman and four other members.

The present EMC members are:

- Chairman: Jesús López Zaballos (IEAF, Spain),
- Deputy Chairman: Friedrich Mostböck (ÖVFA, Austria),
- Treasurer : Hans Buysse (ABAF-BVFA, Belgium)
- Jean-Baptiste Bellon (SFAF, France),
- Pietro Gasparri (AIAF, Italy),
- Frank Klein (DVFA, Germany),
- Raul Marqués (APAF, Portugal),
- Judith Tóth (HCMPS, Hungary)

The EFFAS secretariat handles administrative affairs and organisation and is located in Frankfurt.

EFFAS Secretariat : Giovanna Scarfo & Raquel Zaragoza


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EFFAS and the Training of Investment Professionals

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