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EFFAS and the Training of Investment Professionals

EFFAS promotes the development and dissemination of international professional standards in order to contribute towards a high level of quality in the professional practice of investment professionals.

The Governance Model provides EFFAS with the means of developing and recognising designations that are appropriate for investment professionals. The designations are of two types-EFFAS Diplomas and EFFAS Certificates.

At the present time the following designations are offered by EFFAS:

- EFFAS Diplomas: Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA)

- EFFAS Certified Diplomas: Risk Management, ESG, Wealth Management

- CIIA Diploma: Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) - delivered by ACIIA

As a founding member of the global training association ACIIA®, EFFAS has successfully launched training toward the CIIA® -Certified International Investment Analyst degree in Europe.

The CIIA® ensures tailor-made professional qualification by offering global, as well as local market, knowledge within its examination structure.  

EFFAS showing the way in qualifications for investment professionals

Ensuring that investment professionals receive the best possible training has always been a top priority at EFFAS.

We see it as a tangible contribution to asset building and pension provision for each and every citizen at retirement age.

After all, only sound qualification courses backed by ongoing training for all capital market experts can guarantee a truly professional advice service and corresponding consumer protection in a transparent market.

EFFAS helped to develop the internationally recognised Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA®) examinations - for its graduates, a veritable passport to the major financial markets of the world. The body behind the CIIA® diploma is the Association of Certified International Investment Analysts (ACIIA®) in which over 55,000 investment professionals are registered world-wide.

In the United Kingdom the ACIIA has an awarding body status and the CIIA is recognised by FSSC (Financial Services Skills Council) as a Key 2 qualification (Fact sheet CIIA UK Recognition).

Scholarships and Grants

Effas Guidelines for Scholarships and Grants