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VBA – Dutch association of investment professionals


The Dutch association of investment professionals (VBA Beleggingsprofessionals) was founded in 1961 and is part of the EFFAS. The VBA has approximately 1,000 active members (analysts, fund managers and other investment professionals), employed by banks, brokers, institutional investors, family offices, etc in the Netherlands and abroad.

As a professional association, the VBA promotes the quality and integrity of investment professionals in the Netherlands. It provides a platform for knowledge sharing and also plays an active role regarding developments in the investment industry in the Netherlands.

Within the VBA, various committees are actively researching issues related to the financial sector. Around 25 lectures and seminars are organized each year. The VU-VBA study programme Investment Management is offered by the VU University Amsterdam under the auspices of the VBA. The VBA Journal, a semi-academic publication with a practical approach, is the association’s periodical. It appears quarterly in a circulation of around 1,200.


Dutch Association of investment professionals
VBA Beroepsvereniging van Beleggingsprofessionals

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