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EFFAS Regional Forum – Budapest, 21 January 2013
Professional Organisations for Capital Market Experts

Last 21st of January it took place the first Regional Forum with several Eastern European countries.

The Forum was celebrated to inform all the attendees about the latest developments within EFFAS and to present the strategic activity plan prepared by the Executive Management Committee (EMC) for the next three years.

Other topics covered were the description of the EFFAS Commissions, their main activities and their aims, EFFAS Promotion and Marketing and the new projects in the field of training.

The main objective of the meeting, however, was to jointly analyse the needs, opportunities and key factors that will enable EFFAS, as an umbrella organisation, to support the national societies in a more active way in the coming years.


  • -    EFFAS means strong European presence and fast growing “coverage” outside Europe, too.
  • -    EFFAS has a leading role in professional matters; by collecting opinions and consulting European decision-makers, the organisation plays a key role in setting standards.
  • -    EFFAS is a stable traditional brand in training and qualification; the CIIA diploma is the global designation. Its most important advantage is that it is acknowledged and worldwide portable.
  • -    EFFAS is increasingly active in qualification standards and institutional cooperation, primarily with universities.
  • -    The national organisations can profit from all aspects and gain respect and revenue from training and qualification, executed domestically or in cooperation with other international bodies.
  • -    From participating in the forums and committees and being a bridge and channel of information and thoughts.
  • -    From contributing professional experts transforming them to fee-based activities (e.g. training material development, etc.).

The Regional Forum meeting was followed by the EFFAS Training and Qualification Committee (TQC) the following day, 22 of January-