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Annual Financial Market Liquidity Conference 2012
Budapest, 14-15 November 2012

The Corvinus University of Budapest together with the Institute for Training and Consulting in Banking ITCB and the Hungarian Capital Market Professionals' Society HCMPS are holding their traditional Annual Financial Market Liquidity Conference on 14-15 November 2012.

The liquidity of financial markets is a crucial factor for economic development and financial stability. Only highly liquid financial markets are able to function efficiently, to transfer savings to investors and to aggregate the expectations of the financial market players and other information.

The conference will provide an overview of important aspects of market liquidity and its risk. Special emphasis will be placed on topics like the asset pricing, bank regulation, macroeconomic policy, supply-demand symmetry of market impact models, short-term corporate bond yield spreads, short selling and alternative lending markets, trading and information diffusion in OTC markets, square-root price impact and critical liquidity. A large number of international participants are expected to attend the conference.

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